Has anyone found anything that works for mainly hormonal migraines

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  • I have been on the mini pill for my hormone migraines it has helped a little and the best part no cycle so no cramping or anything else for that matter

  • Have you tried a contraception implant? I don't get periods since I had it fitted.

  • I'm trying slow release sodium valproate again and I can honestly say I feel like I'm getting my life back after twenty five years, early days I know but worth thinking about!!

  • Depo contraceptive injection halved my hormonal migraines. Definitely worth talking to your doctor about.x

  • I has a mirena coil over 2 years ago. I have seen a big improvement in my migraines. I used to get at least 4/5 a week. Now I can go weeks without one. My record is 10 weeks migraine free.

  • I suffer mainly hormonal migraines and they tend to be both violent and long lasting. Last year I had the daith piercing and although I still get migraines when my hormone levels fluctuate, they are mild to medium and possible to deal with. I know not everyone has been helped by the piercing, but i got my life back. No preventative medication could help me. I tried everything going.

  • Not a medicinal remedy but whilst having bloods checked it was discovered I was extremely low in Vit D and also low in Potassium. May just be a coincidence but my Hemiplegic migraine is less severe and does not last so long since treatment. Would also say it became less severe after the menopause and was diagnosed originally as hormonal (first one 6 weeks after birth of my first baby).

    Not much help if you are a young person though I am sorry..........x

  • Sometimes your Thyroid levels can affect your other hormones? Also being on the pill can be dodgy for migraine sufferers.

  • I agree and have Hypothyroidism. I have read of links between the Two.

  • Tried that, no good, in fact I came off it to see if it improved them

  • Tried that and bled constantly!

  • Tried that too, no help!

  • Sorry to hear that. I did for a first few weeks but more like "spotting" occasionally.

  • Only just started on the pill to see if it would help.... not so far.

  • Drat!

  • Had my thyroid checked several times over the years.

  • 'suffered' for 9 months with it before I'd had enough!

  • Mia Hansson, I know, I was so hopeful as I went 3 weeks without a migraine straight after, which is unheard of for me! Then they just came back.

  • Have hormonal migraines ,tried everything nothing helps got worse since iv been in my 40s .

  • Oh great I'm 42 and they are getting worse!

  • Yep

    I'm 46 ,and they are so bad now .one only relief my mums stop after menopause so hoping for the same x

  • sorry, not helped mine.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz my mum was the same