Has anyone ever tried Kirkland Sleep Aid tablets off the internet and are they...

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  • I wondered why Syndol didn't do it for me anymore! Used to be amazing! I thought I'd just become resistant to them. Why do they do these things?!

  • Yeah, I wouldn't mess about with drugs off the Internet Jen. x

  • I would stay well clear of tablets from the internet. You have no idea if they are what they say they are. It can end up in very dangerous ways. You are much better off checking them out with a pharmacist first.

  • Oh, how I miss Syndol ( well, Boots own version). They were brilliant at heading migraines off at the pass. A couple before bed occasionally and bingo!

  • I have bought them from the internet. I combine them with over the counter cocodamol so that they are basically the same as Syndol which always worked for me. I had actually forgotten about Syndol as they were out of production for so long. After the horrible side effects of Topirimate I'm going to try Sleep Aid and Cocodamol again and see if they help.

  • You should be ok on the sleep aid. I bought some from an online chemist so they should be legit then. Just make sure you don't take them constantly and not for more than 3 days at a time then with a break of days in between. I know this from experience! Lol