Has anyone ever taken Sumatriptian after taking excederine migraine Im getting...

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  • I take that with 2 Excedrin migraine

  • Thank you, I was scared there would be a bad side effect to mixing them

  • My doctor told me to do that

  • I do.

  • I usually take sumatriptan then Excedrin Migraine later if the sumatriptan doesn't work.

  • I always take them together! Only way I get better.. doctor told me to as well...

  • Yes totally fine. I've even added pseudofed to that combo

  • I also take 2 Aleve with sumatriptan. Doctor told me to.

  • What dosage of sumatriptan?

  • Doc usually says take imitrex or maxalt first, 2 hours later that doesnt help take it again with aleve. But i have found when i take motrin with it the first time its more effective

  • 50mg

  • Wow that was quite the intense attack. I can barely handle 1 a day but 2 ?!?! I can't do this I'm physically exhausted, these vicious things are taking over my body

  • I always rebound from Excedrin, its probably the same attack.

  • I don't know what to do, imitrex makes me drowsy and can't work when I take that stuff