Has anyone ever gotten a injury and it made your migraines worse

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  • Could be an allergic reaction or the start of one. You should talk to your doctor about seeing an allergist.

  • I went to the Er when it happened because I was having a slight reaction and they gave me steroids but I can't get them filled

  • I am so sorry that happened to you. The migraines are bad enough then a bee sting in top of it.

  • It totally didn't make anything better :(

  • Will liquid benedryl help?

  • I'm going to try some in a bit

  • I had a four point buck run into the drivers side of the car I was driving and it seems like they have been worse than they were ( was bad before) ever since

  • I fell in the yard and hit my head on the ground...instant migraine!!!

  • To top it off I think I have food poisoning

  • Increased histamine levels can bring on migraines. Can you take an anti-histamine to help your system calm down?

  • I've taken 2 benadryl

  • I'm just out of all meds for migraines

  • Too bad it isn't helping. ER maybe?

  • I don't have a ride, I'm going to try a hot shower and cold cloth

  • Take care

  • Thank you