Has anyone been on Topamax for migraines I m tapering off it slowly but I m...

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  • I'm on it, 100mg morning and night - couldnt do without it.

  • I was before I moved from Tennessee to Mississippi. I loved it and even lost weight and stopped smoking while on it. For some odd reason, my Dr here will not prescribe it. Makes no sense because what she does have me on doesn't work at all.

  • I've been on it for three years and I've had a positive experience.

  • My doc wants me off it because my liver function is very high, I'm losing too much weight and I'm having a lot of lost words.

  • Tapering off was really rough. It took my five tries before I finally got off of it. I felt like I was coming off strong drugs and had withdrawal symptoms. A lot of issues improved after I got off Topamax.

  • I was on it for years but went off it about a year ago as I felt wool headed with it. I take propranolol now.

  • Do you remember how long it took you? Or how long you waited between drops in mg? Looking forward to being off of it.

  • It took me several weeks to fully get off of it. I did about a week/week 1/2 between lowering doses and i did it by half a pill at a time to ease the withdrawal

  • I am on it for the third time now . I am experiencing some of the common side

    Effects but it is helping with my migraines

  • 10 years of it. Loved it migraines wise. I was in a fog though. I didn't taper. No side effects from cold turkey that I know of. I was much less emotional while I was on it.

  • My neurologist might have me try Topamax next. To those who have been on it, what side effects have you had (if you don't mind sharing)?

  • paresthesia. Serious brain fog. Lack of emotions. The weight-loss was great though.

  • At the beginning I had tingling in hands and face. I do have some memory issues but compared to migraine , it's ok

  • Oh weight loss too

  • Weight loss. I could only do 25mg at night. The doc wanted morning and night, but it made me drowsy. But it was the only med that's really helped. Blood pressure meds make it drop way too much. I've tried anxiety meds and I have horrible night sweats and change sheets 2 times a night. So, Topamax was the only one I could handle.

  • I am on it and I had no side effects from taking it. and it has been since 2016 since i been on it