Has anybody tried midron

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  • Yes I was on it combined with prescription Motrin to take at first sign of a migraine. It never helped me, I always had to follow up with sumatriptan to ease the pain.

    But I know others for whom it has helped -- hope you're one of them! ☺️

  • Yes I was prescribed it when I was a teenager from my first doctor, it actually worked quite well at zapping the pain away but I haven't taken it in years, maybe I should tell my doc

  • Although I feel my pain has worsened over the years so maybe sumatriptian . That it what I take everyday lately

  • Used to work for me. Worth a try.

  • I have and it worked wonders. Its very old. I can get it where im at but its like $600 and my insurance wont cover it because they say there are too many new ones.

  • Didn't work for me. Had it years ago

  • Yes, I tried it about 20 years ago and am currently taking it.

  • I took it years ago and it was hit or miss on whether it worked. Always made me a bit manic afterwards. I was told it had been taken off the market so I switched to Maxalt and now on Imitrex.