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  • Would mine be big enough? I get migraines at least once a month and they last up to a week or two. Sometimes they're so bad I'm physically sick. Hoping this might give me some relief! Only started since I had my eldest :(

  • Happy to be filmed etc.

  • Definetely big enough Emma x

  • Brilliant. I can't have mine done just yet but definitely want it done. If the free be is still available (sure it must have gone by now) could I have it at the end of the month? (got my sisters hen next weekend so don't want it before that) if not I'll call and book in when I get back :)

  • Def want the other side done!

  • Here is my left ear... I've been put on betablockers for migraines but still get 2-3 a week, would be great if it worked so I could come off the medication I'm taking. Is mine ok to do?

  • Their both fine to do in my opinion.. Ordered lots of daith jewellery today :)

  • Where are you based please?

  • Farnborough town centre x

  • Yes please jode x

  • Would be very interested Charlene, do you need to book (if it can be done in my ear)? Gonna sound a wimp but does it hurt? Also is it easy to take out/keep clean etc?