For those who have tried topiramate topomax have you experienced lingering side...

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  • I'm still on 25mg and 50mg Topomax daily, the only side effects I had in the beginning was tingling in the extremities but that stopped a while ago and now I struggle with mixing words like i stead of saying "good morning" I'd say mood gorning or something stupid like that and it happens quite often.

    But I dont feel the drugs alter my ability to learn or study because I'm doing quite well in University. I haven't tried to wean myself off instead I slowly increase my dosage every time I feel I need to

  • It lingered for a couple of months, but it did wear off and there seems to be no trace of it now. I tapered off slowly and that may be why. From everything I've seen, it's not a good one to just stop.

  • I went on Topamax . I had problems with speech , forgotten things , lost a lot of hair but worst of all, I got problems with my heart. it got better when I stopped the drugs but it can still get painfull sometimes.

    Please be careful if you try it..

  • My memory has not been the same since 6 months on topomax. But, some people have great results with it. I drew the line when I got lost on my way home from high school (a 10 minute drive) and I had to call my mom and ask her to find me to direct me home. We all are so different, sadly. I hope it works for you!

  • My daughter, 16, suffering with NDPH for almost a year now, had horrible side effects with topomax but it did decrease the pain for her. One of the only drugs that did but she couldn't live with the side effects so the dr had her try Trokendi XR which is the extended release version of topomax and she does not have the side effects on that. It is weird because it is the same drug just releases slower. Good news it still helps bring the pain down for her. Average day is about a 5-6 pain level. Without it she has uncontrollable spikes that keep her at 8-10. The dr (Dr Alex of the Diamond Headache clinic in Chicago) said he has seen a number of patients respond better to Trokendi XR vs regular topomax.

  • Yes I have been off it for over 4 years and still struggle with short term memory loss. Extremely frustrating!

  • I've been on both Depakote and Topamax and they both made me a lot dumber. I've been off anti-seizure meds for six months and feel so much better. I still have some issues (I don't process nearly as quickly, accurately, or as well, but I'm pretty certain that's due to the headache, not some residual effect.

  • Topamax wiped my daughter's short term memory. She has been off of it for over a year but her short term memory never came back.

  • Heh. Forgot about the memory loss. It's not as bad now, but again, I chalk what's left up to the headache, not any residual of the medication. If the headache stops and my memory doesn't come back like it was, I wouldn't know if that was a result of meds, the headache, or aging.

  • My tastebuds. When I was on Topamax many foods and drinks tasted gross. A year and a half later somethings still taste weird. Topamax was the worst medication I have ever taken.