For real

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  • Unless you've had them, no one can really understand.

  • So very true

  • People who suffer clusters are tougher than the majority. Many say to me, well if it was that bad you wouldn't be up and about. If I didn't force myself to function somewhat through the pain I would be in a corner sucking my thumb all day. I always tell them do not judge me based on your experience and accept me for mine. I do not wish this on anyone, but there are times I wish I could just share for a bit so other can understand better.

  • It's a pain I can not describe in words. If there is any word above excruciating pain may be that would describe it. When it's over and the pain subsides I feel so exuasted and drained out like I feel zero energy in me. I suffer badly with this pain. I just feel like chopping my eyeballs with knife. And trust me that won't hurt me compared with the pain I go through.

  • I wouldn't wish this on anyone, but a taste...2 weeks of it...just so they know. They need to understand the pain, and also the utter exhaustion that it brings.

    I have no way to demonstrate the pain that wouldn't be fatal! A drill bit through the temple, and into the eye. Hot coals from my grill piled upon one side of their head. Nope. There's no safe way to demonstrate this to one who has no idea.

  • We know.

  • Just an hour would let them realize.

  • Exactly. My skull hurts for hours afterwards​.

  • I used to get mad at people that would say to me Oh I get headaches too. Those are the people I would wish them on. Know it ALL,S

  • Don't say that. Don't wish anything bad for anyone.

  • I would want them to go back to their happy lives afterward! A small taste would be good for their souls! It would allow them to be empathetic!