Finally got myself to the doctors. I have been given these for when one occurs

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  • I take those but mine are 100 mg. They work great for me. Take when first feel one coming on and it stops within 15 mins.

  • i had to stop talking this one, every time I used it i would have to go sleep and then when i woke up I would feel like i had the flu, severe aches and pains all over and half the time a second pill was required to get rid of the headache.

  • I take the 100mg. No side effects for me. I found out they work much better for me when I take my arthritis pain meds at the same time

  • Yes.usually very effective. Good luck.

  • I get the 100mg and cut them in half so they last longer more bang for my buck. I only have a 7 dollar co pay for either so might as well. They work wonderful for my migraines.

  • I had to go to injection but those helped at the time

  • That's what I take. Also 100 mg. They seem to do the trick for me. If I don't catch it in time I take a 2nd one a couple of hours later .

  • I just thought about cutting then in half the other day. I messed up and only chopped off a piece with my pill cutter. My copay is $20 for 9 pills.

  • Doesn't work for me. None of the triptans do...

  • I take the 100mg with no problem at the onset of a migraine. I'm on Botox now, had my first round Fri.

  • It takes a few administrations to work. If it doesn't work this round def go back. They may need to adjust your dosage and where you get it. It's the best

  • This is the generic for Imitrex and works for me. I take 100mg.

  • Me too!