Feel so bad for my 17yr old daughter tonight She has had to take a Zomig nasal...

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  • Try a heated wheat bag on the forehead and/or neck area rather than cold?

  • She doesn't like heat, makes it worse for her. She finally went to bed after 12.30 last night and is still sleeping now. Think the amitryptaline finally kicked in on top of the pain relief. She's not often that bad anymore. The 15yr old has had it much worse over the last lot of months.

  • At their ages I made things worse for myself by drinking Coke etc., eating chocolate and a busy social life.

  • So far we've not identified any food triggers. Thankfully she's not normally this bad unless she has her period or is going through a stressful time - her GCSEs were a horrendous experience. Our 15 yr old has had a much worse school year, her attendance was down to 85.4% at her last report. She has missed at least one day a week, sometimes more down to the migraines since the beginning of Sept. Thankfully we seem to have turned a corner and she has managed 4 weeks now without a day off. :-)

  • Stress will set me off. Youngsters today have so much pressure on them from such an early age.

  • Is know. I feel bad for them. I also feel bad that I have passed migraines on to all my children. I have 4. They all get migraines. :-(