Ever since my sons horrible migraine last weekend he s been having chest pains...

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  • Yes my daughter has a congenital heart defect subaortic stenosis and in searching for an explanation for the migraines was diagnosed with an extremely narrow carotid artery. The neurologist explained this is why she has all her headaches on the other side as the blood doesn't flow normally on the narrow side and the other side compensates. A consult was done with an interventional radiologist who says the carotid is too narrow and extensive to place a stent. So now she is aware but unfortunately can't do anything about it. The neurologist told us the both the carotid and heart issues are the same defect.

  • Not sure if this info helps you but for us it's been good to have both a good neurologist and cardiologist who communicate well. We had to go through a few doctors to find that! All the best to your son. My daughter gets those symptoms also.

  • This does help. Thank you! His migraines are always on the right and they think the heart defect is on the left. So that makes sense.

  • Sounds exactly like my daughter. Not to scare you but my daughter went undiagnosed for 7 years with the CHD and should have had the surgical repair years earlier. An arrogant cardiologist wouldn't retest her and they missed the defect at age 3. Luckily our pediatrician insisted she be retested at age 10. Her aorta was almost completely closed.

  • That's crazy!! Besides the migraines what other symptoms was she having?

  • Heart racing, beating fast like her heart was going to come out of her chest (her words), dizziness, fatigue. She takes propanalol and some symptoms now like the dizziness are from the low blood pressure due to the propanalol. They cut her dose from 60 mg to 40 and of course headaches increased for a while. But she's pretty stable now. Unfortunately her valve leak has worsened. She's having a heart MRI this week to fully evaluate. She will probably need another procedure in the future.

  • This is why I have trouble trusting doctors. She played every sport with the subaortic stenosis and we never knew. Thank goodness her pediatrician insisted she be retested!

  • That sounds so much like his symptoms! Good luck at her appointment this week!

  • Thank you - good luck tomorrow!

  • How did the test go today Lindsey Johnson?

  • They aren't able to get him in until Thursday afternoon! I was not happy!

  • Thank you for asking Susan Brantley Mallory!

  • Hang in there - that's my daughter's test day also.

  • I'll be thinking about you both and your kiddos on Thursday! Please keep us updated!

  • Thanks!

  • Thank you!