Does the maxalt help really bad migraines tried everything except this willing...

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  • I just got a prescription for it last week and am amazed at how well it works!

  • I love it

  • i love mine. it worked alone for the first ~5 months i was on it but now i take ibuprofen and sometimes benadryl with it too. but it knocks my migraines out!

  • Anybody try midron?

  • It helps me most of the time... I know everyone is different but it's worth trying.

  • I use Maxalt now as an abortative and for me it work extremely well. It starts working quite fast as well. Sometimes it makes me feel a little wierd and feels​ like there is pressure on my head but world's better than the migraine symptoms. If you take it with codeine and ibuprofen it makes it easier, but for some reason if it's mixed with paracetamol it gives me an even bigger headache.

  • It works sometimes, mostly if I take it right away and catch it. If it has progressed, maxalt won't touch it and I have to take Imitrex injection.

  • Helps me

  • It didn't help me at all but I'm starting to wonder if the Cymbalta I'm on is effecting the success of these abortives. Because nothing works anymore!!

  • I take midrin. It works really well for tension headaches. I also use it after my triptans have started to the work.

  • It's the only thing that's helped me and I haven't felt really weird after taking it. I actually break my pills in half and take half when I feel it coming on and it sometimes works. A whole pill will make me feel a little shaky.

  • I also try and drink some caffeine too and that can sometimes help. But I think the key is taking it right when it comes on. I should keep a pill box on a chain around my neck for these.