Does anyone notice if you haven t eaten for a while and it s coming up to your...

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  • Same here. Blood sugar level maybe?

  • You can get a glucose meter pretty cheap on amazon. They are not difficult to use. Sounds like it'd be worth figuring out whether you have low blood sugar. I was hoping that might be my problem but unfortunately my blood sugar is perfectly healthy, just like everything else about me.. :/

    Based on my research people recommended the freestyle lite meter. Worked well for me.

  • Only if I forget to eat. I figure it is a blood sugar imbalance. It's all chemicals in the brain and trying to keep them in balance.

  • Small meals/snacks often works best for me, too. As long as over the course of the day you are getting the same amount of calories/food as you would on your diet, it shouldn't impact dieting. It might just require more careful record keeping!

  • I've had it checked before and it was all normal

  • Probably just once at the doctor's office though right? Your blood sugar can change a lot during the day, so you might be normal at one time but low another time. I tried checking mine every hour or two for a few days just to make sure nothing crazy was going on. I'm not saying it's likely, but it's pretty cheap and easy to monitor it for a few days, and it can't hurt!

  • Yes but i've always been that way. I recently read that hypothyroidism might be linked to ebstein barr virus. Thought that was interesting.

  • Me too

  • I have noticed that eating can help lessen a headache spike but once it reaches a certain pain level I am not hungry at all and food doesn't help.

  • Yes u feel better often when I eat so I will eat every three hours or so but then it stops helping and I'm not hungry. Can't figure it out.

  • Sounds familiar. I can imagine that our bodies need a lot of energy to cope with the on-going pain 24/7.

  • Anyone get a headache from smiling a lot or laughing? - the odd duck...

  • Yea! I'm not the only one!

  • Giggle

  • Me too. X

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