Does anyone know of a doctor who specialises in clusters in Perth pls

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  • It is also possible it will change back to the side it started from and stay there.. it probably won't, but I wouldn't be too concerned about that either if it did.. CH is very unpredictable, especially in the early stages.

  • Okay awesome thankyou so much good to hear from ppl who know about it

  • I have a neuro in Perth, I'm going to see him on Monday which Will be my 1st visit in two years due to being pain free for that period, he was really quick to fit me in, the only hold up was he was on holiday when this cycle came hit. Agree with David on gp's knowing bugger all, would recommend the Neuro tho. Will pm details if you like.

  • I see people asking about changing sides quite often in the worldwide group. Ch is unpredictable all the time, every single one of my cycles is different. I don't think it indicates anything bad but obviously if you're worried you should speak to someone.

  • What's your neuros name pls

  • Will try to find one for you .

    Hugs stay strong.

  • Thankyou so much Trevor

  • Will make a call to a dr robert delcano tomorow on your behalf.

    Are you close to subiaco.

  • No we 8 hours away but it's out closest city so we happy to travel

  • Will message you tomorow with the results.

    Stay strong.

    Big hugs...

  • We will do our best thank you so very much