Does anyone have tips on blasting your jaw to help with migraines My doctor...

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  • Just use one of the claws, usually 2 only touch the face , in the joint area, under your cheekbone and down the jawline. Not sure if you need to go slow or fast just experiment you will know what feels right on your face and pressure depends on you. Also do the migraine protocol

  • Check out the other fasciablaster page for videos of women showing how they use the FB on their face (I even posted one myself). As well as videos for the Mini2. Like Ginger said, make sure to follow the 7 series videos on migraines that Ashely has on youtube. Been a lifesaver for releasing my jaw :)

  • My massage therapist also stretches/releases my muscles by going inside my mouths. It really helps.

  • Heating up the area made a big difference for me and helped break up some of the really tight muscles in the jaw. I use the heating pad and just hold it in place.

  • Doing my neck and jaw and by my ears has really helped my migraines. I did right under my jaw line the other day and it hurt so bad but in a good way :)

  • Don't you love that feeling oh it hurts so good

  • :) :)