Does anyone have silent migraines like me I have three or four in a cluster...

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  • Yes. I never have the 'headache' but other symptoms vary from blurred vision, sickness, dizziness, vertigo etc etc. I sometimes think they are worse than the generic kind!xx

  • Me too! I get tingly arms and face and just generally unwell and then they zig zags come and I can't see in that eye.

  • The first time I had a silent migraine my dad took me to the walk in and I could not cope with being in the car. My brain couldn't process everything going past. It took me 10 minutes to even be able to get out of the car (and that was with my dad helping me! Lol) xx

  • Poor you! That sounds horrendous. During one of my clusters I went to my GP and she called for an ambulance! They thought I had pressure on my brain! It was just a bad cluster of migraines x

  • It's horrific xxx

  • I do hun I get the vision or get the pins and needle in my mouth hand and my speach starts playing up which really upsets the kids.

  • My memory goes to pot too! I can't remember people's names or the right word during an episode.

  • I have the cognitive issues / can't remember words or sometimes even what I was talking about!!! Mine have gone to silent since having my faith pierced.

  • I suffer the hemiplegic migraines not pretty. Just started me on amitriptyline fingers crossed it works.

  • My migraines started at 16 but now at 32 I have silent ones now all the pleasure of the aura etc but without the head pain!