Does anyone find hot humid places make the headache 10x worse

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  • Yes, I find that too. Any extreme, but especially humid and super cold, and it's even worse when you bounce from one extreme to the next! Glad I'm not alone in it, only cause misery loves company. Hang in there!

  • I experience this too! Sudden temperature changes have me going from my constant 4/10 to a 8/10 and me man down in bed.

    Temperature changes and strong smells spike the headache and I don't understand the correlation.

    Sad that you can't enjoy these moment with your child and that you know what sets it off and now you try to avoid things like swimming :(

  • Cold doesn't really make my head hurt more, but my whole body starts to hurt when in the cold for very long. I blame one of the meds I took for a few months. Can't remember which one, but it messed with my body's ability to moderate internal temperature, and it never went back to normal.

    Hot hasn't bothered me, but I haven't really spent much time in extreme heat, and what heat I have been in, has been really dry.

    Humidity now, that I have noticed actually helps, a teeny, tiny, little bit. Possibly in moderation.

  • Yes... humid and intense sun do me in!