Does anyone else s migraines come and go in waves One minute I think Ok it s...

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  • Yes mine do. I can have 3+ a day

  • I've been in that since Saturday morning. Comes and goes. I almost want it to go to full blown migraine so I can get past it instead of this up n down

  • Yes. Mine do and I think it is ALMOST gone and then I move. Or a bird chirps and it is back.

  • Mine is full blown. It's like it's teasing me...I going away

  • Yes!

  • My step mom has a cannery. I can not go over there unless i know I have my meds with me. Or really good earplugs.

  • What meds do you use? And do they help?

  • Ugh horrible!!!

  • YES

  • YES!!! And I think, "Ok, I can save those meds for another time. Whew. Good thing I waited." Then a few hours later I feel like a train hit me!

  • rescue meds are a narcotic and robaxin. Daily are triptyline.

  • Agreed! It's like my grandma used to say "piss or get off the pot already!"

  • Oh yea!

  • Yes and today is the worst day since Saturday!!

  • Yes