Does anyone else get migraines so bad you can t sleep If so what do you to do...

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  • Ice and muscle relaxers

  • I'll have to see if my pain management doctor will give me muscle relaxers. I am getting the shots in my neck on Monday I'll have to ask him.

  • Tramadol and a sleeping pill ! And pray a lot !

  • I can't sleep because my migraines cause severe pain in my head and neck and it hurts to lay down to much pressure so I have to watch golf channel (boring helps me to fall asleep) sitting in my recliner and doze on and off all night but every move usually sends a pain so it's never very long increments of sleep

  • I use 1 or 2 magnesium citrate most times and that seems to help relax. Also when out of my prescribed meds, I take 1 Emergency zzzz pack and 1 magnesium. Works most times. Sometimes I take 2 excedrin migraine- store brand. I usually have to take various combinations to get rid of them. They can be unbearable. I feel terrible for anyone who gets them- I totally understand. It can be life debilitating. Someone recently told me about a progesterone cream at GNC that has help her. Have not tried yet. I pray for all who have them. It is a terrible thing to live with.

  • Muscle relaxer, helps the migraine to go away and helps me sleep

  • I take two benadryl tablets. If you have a Rx for any anti-nausea meds you might take one of those. They can make you sleepy and helps of course helps with nausea. Ive noticed they also help me stay asleep and fall into a deeper REM sleep. The deeper I can sleep and the longer i can sleep without interruption the more likely I am to wake up with my migraine being at a much lower level. You also might try a heating pad on the back of your neck and head. Good luck . Praying you get relief asap

  • If I still have a migraine before bed, I take Temazepam. Works wonders.

  • Xanax.

  • My headache specialist prescribes meds just for this purpose. Tizanidine works well for me. Best wishes ♡

  • Me too I take the same thing works great helps me sleep

  • Look into leaky gut/gut health. Majority of our own melatonin is produced in our gut. Getting it balanced could help with other health issues as well.