Can I just say thank you to each and every one of you I was banging my head...

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  • Thinking of you and fingers crossed you find a solution x

  • My son had migraines until he was about 12 and they have gone away - apparently it's quite common. After my own experience (migraines since I was 3-4) I always make sure that he eats regularly, drinks plenty of water, sleeps and has no access to electronics before breakfast, careful around sunshine and most of all - routine. That's the biggest thing for kids in my opinion. During the attack just be there for them with a bowl/bucket, cold compress and I used to love my back being scratched!

  • (((Hug))) xx

  • That's why I love groups like these. We don't get judged by what we post. Hope he is better soon Hun x

  • Also, we understand. Only if you are a sufferer or a close friend or relative is a sufferer do you understand what migraine is and the suffering involved. I hope you get the right medication to help your son and can find his triggers. (I started at 16.) All good wishes!

  • Thank you again :) x

  • I agree....linking up with other sufferers makes you feel less alone ( I went to a migraine conference and felt like I was meeting people from 'my planet' for the first time!!

  • I totally understand. I have 4 children, all of them have inherited my migraines and have suffered from the age of 4. It's so horrible feeling so helpless.

  • Thanks Karen. So sorry your children suffer too. I only have one and seeing him suffer was horrendous in itself. But thanks to everyone on here I am now armed with a supply of products and methods to try to ease his suffering. For that I'll be forever grateful. My heart totally goes out to all you lovely people xx