Beer test. passed. D

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  • Luvvit!

  • Yaye!!

  • legend

  • Amazing, unpredictable world of CH. 5 months on the dot this time, only really a few kip7+s, last month or 2 only shadows really, last remission 3 years hoping the same.. I know people knock topamax but sure the answer for me after 17 years misery am in control.. O2 handles attacks 100mg topa in cycle go down to 25mg in rem the Alexander technique yeah I'm onto my 3rd homebrew now hahahaha

  • Yeah, topomax does get a bad rap, but if it works it's awesome, glad it does for you mate.

  • Wayne it gave me shit to start with, caused a double cycle because I stopped taking it and I rebounded, takes months for body to assimilate properly, deserves the bad rap.. but if you can learn topa and do it right it works in cycle and gives long remissions.

  • Have one for me

  • I've used it twice, very successfully both times, was a little muddle headed but not as muddle headed as when I'm getting hit all the time. So do you stay on it all the time David, just the reduced dose?

  • Yeah go down to tiny 25mg tab in remission.. 6 years now, no effects.

  • Had enough now Gary lol :P zzz .. consider myself well and truly passed.

  • Haaahaaa....maybe next time ☺

  • Geez reckon my home brew is about 8% lol.

  • brilliant move David, first I've heard of that.