Been up since 4. 05am with a bad one. I will beat this

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  • Hope it's eased, the middle of the night wake up ones are the worst :( x

  • Walked the floor then made it into work as short staffed due to school hols. Suffering now, so early night.

  • Not just me then. I think I might end up moving to a different room to sleep in, this might get me away from the LED streetlight which is a major contributor to this

  • Sounds all too familiar, hope you have a better night x

  • Would blackout blinds help?

  • Thanks Rebecca. This or a catapult aimed at the streetlight are a really good idea, so the former might keep me out of trouble and be a good girl about my torment x

  • I've found black out blinds, ear plugs and heat packs (on neck or back) can all help at times. Have the same street light problem and a lovely but snoring husband! X

  • Heat pads on the neck, a friend for me too I agree. My lovely partner snores too. Ha ha. I can relate to what you are saying. Happy days x

  • Let me know any other handy hints and good luck with blackout blinds! They need to over-cover the window to truly black-out x

  • Thank you Rebecca. I think I will look into ways tape around my curtains too, maybe velcro or something? Learn as I go, anything is worth a go.

  • 80's style pelmets have helped in the past, purely migraine not fashion

  • I will have a look at this, thank you Rebecca. This is very kind. Much appreciated.

  • How do you work with a migraine? I am in agony and can hardly crawl from my bed to the toilet to be sick.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz you too find heat soothing. People always talk about cold packs which I would hate. PS. I also have ear plugs and (lovely) snoring husband. I can't bear the slightest sound. Blackout blinds are good.

  • Definitely the worst for me too!

  • Zomig nasal spray x 2, Imodium and will power of not letting myself down. After suffering with them for over 40 years I won't be defeated if I can fight them, I do. There are many many days I can't function. But, I am determined to live my life as best I can

    I have seen the concern and worry in my families eyes over the years, I'm tired of missing out on family events.

    I had to prove that I had a disability at work re sickness/time off through chronic migraine attacks. I had to involve occ health and HR to stop a colleague wearing strong perfume, despite her being aware it affected me.

    The biggest fight of all is with myself. To get out of bed and function, but my goodness I'm going to do it if I can.

    Botox has helped, my next session is due in May. I will rule my condition, not my condition rule me