Been bk to doctors today to get some migraine tablets need to get the ear done...

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  • Yes they don't allow kids in the salons x

  • I take imagrain but only allowed 6/month,I'm on topiramate 4 headaches but havnt helped,I hav just found out that I'm peri menapausal,which causes major headaches,that with fibro & migraines,I'm fooked lol x

  • Have you tried cutting out diary as well?

  • I hav,hardly even drink caffeine,try not 2 eat choc,so this piercing will b my last hope lol x

  • I find wine used to cause mine as well x

  • I was told at the hospital that caffeine is actually good for migraines x

  • I don't drink lol,I'm on 2much meds

  • Realy,I thought I'd try & cut them out bcs some1 said,coffee could cause them 2 but as there still going,will hav my coffee again

  • I work at the hospital & was chatting 2. A doctor & said I was on decaf-t she said not to cut caffeine out

  • Cool, I love my coffee

  • Caffeine is good for migraines. I was told this when I was in hospital. It helps regenerate the cfs. Low cfs can course migraine.

  • I was having 2/3 migraines a week - in hindsight I was perimenopausal - was v bad once periods stopped (age 45). Went to see mctimonee chiropractor for about 9 months and it helped. Hormones seem to have levelled out 18 months on and migraines much less - only 2/3 a month at the moment. Still interested in piercing but bit scared of pain stupidly.