Anything I m missing. I m over it

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  • Do you have vitamin K2? Also you can get the 5000iu d3 tablets from iherb. Saves taking 100 pills a day!

  • I've given up, nothing has seemed to help... Apart from red bull

  • Is that not enough d3?

  • I'm a Vitamin D success story.

  • The regime says 10,000 a day and it looks like they are 1000 tablets so you'd need to take 10 of them daily

  • remember it the , vitamin k2 m7, very important as its the same as the bacteria normally found in our gut, but with taking higher doses of D3, it draws calcium into the stomach, hence the need for k2, m7 type, to re direct the calcium away from veins and bad places to where it should be. vitamin k2 M7 is what are slangly called the stomach police. Your can get it naturaly from some foods, the japanese food Natto ? k2 M4 is another type that works, but I believe the M7 is a natural derivative. Normal K2 only, is not the same, it must be the M-4 or M-7 variety, prefferably the M-7 type !!!!!!!