Anyone on cymbalta. I recently been put on it and I ve been taking topamax

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  • It worked for me for a long time

  • I will post back later.

  • Cymbalta to prevent migraines? If so I need to look into this.

  • Yes its used for migraines

  • Thank you. I have had a migraine since Friday and will ask my dr to let me try cymbalta.

  • U r welcome I've had migraines my whole life

  • I have been taking topamax for years and recently was put on Cymbalta for depression...i hated it. Constant migraines and headaches. I went to a different doctor that did not prescribe the Cymbalta and he said that it causes headaches. I immediately went off and changed to nortriptyline. The headaches have gotten better. But not fully gone. At least I'm not eating my migraine pills like candy anymore.

  • I had good results for many years on cymbalta it stopped working after like four years

  • Anti inflamatories help me

  • Doesn't work for me

  • I have been on topamax for many years (something like 13yrs). About 3.5yrs ago I was having more migraines so my neuro decided to add Cymbalta as we didn't want to up the dose of topamax. I was on the lowest dose and didn't even finish a whole bottle before I decided to come off everything to get pregnant.

    The cymbalta was great while I was on it. It helped curb the additional migraines I was having, my mood seemed better, AND my bladder leaking disappeared (from pregnancy). Neuro said it does have that benefit but not approved for that use alone. I thought it was a wonder drug. Until it was time to come off of it. Horrible! The worst withdrawal I've ever experienced. I wanted to die, thought I was a horrible mother, person, and just felt down right terrible. The thoughts were the worse! I remember crying into my bath towel and telling myself it would pass. Thankfully when the withdrawal started I quickly googled and found a great patient forum about Cymbalta and learned I wasn't alone in what I was experiencing. Some people have even committed themselves into the hospital coming off that med. I've told myself I would always warn people of the withdrawal when coming off of it and it's not worth it. Most Drs aren't even privy on how to properly wean patients either. Since I was on the lowest dose, I was told to take a pill every other day for a week, then every 2 days, etc. I found in the patient forum that everyone was having better results opening the capsules and counting the beads, and then weaning themselves by limiting the beads each week. That helped reduce the withdrawal.

    I personally would ask for something else. There will come a day when you will need to come off of it, and it's not pretty.

  • It definitely causes severe withdrawal if u forget to take it

  • I remember that as well. If I was late taking it or forgot, I could tell. Ugh, rough stuff!

  • The Dr gave me cymbalta for anxiety and. Depression...I've been on topamax since last July for migraines.. I've only started the cymbalta Thursday and had a headache since the second day of taking it...its nonstop wake up with it ...go to bed with it