Anyone ever have the visual disturbance before an actual head begins or don t...

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  • Yes I have twitching in my eyes, usually my right eye. I also get blind spots in my line of vision or blurriness. I suffer from weakness usually on my right side and numbness and tingling in my arms and sometimes legs.

  • Classic Ocular Migraine and yes I get them

  • I get certain feelings right before mine come on sometimes, my dogs have also warned me every time right before I get bad ones or when they're about to worsen... it helps having any sign of trigger before you get them especially when you're like me and can lose vision partial or total if it worsens

  • There scary and once my visual disturbance starts usually a panic attack does too :( it sucks! Thanks for all your input and sharing your experiences guys!

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz do yours start with visual disturbance?

  • Sometimes and then I have rest..

  • Sometimes Misty, sometimes I have dizziness or vertigo which are vestibular migraines. I also get hormonal migraines.

  • I do if when I get up from a sitting or laying position

  • I get what I guess is a floater in my right eye.

  • I get the same exact thing except on my left side.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz I get this as well. I have mentioned it to my neurologist at the headache clinic and no answers

  • If I get the visual I know it's going to be a BAD one. Longer the visual, longer and worse the migraine. I only caught it once and managed to take meds to make it go away but the rest never worked

  • I also get the panic attacks too

  • The panic attacks are just as scary if not worse! I hate it!

  • I've had them for years now and am on meds for them but migraines made the symptoms worse

  • Me too!

  • I've had an odd aura that starts very small but grows and blinds me for a while until it grows outside of my field of sight. Rarely does a headache/migraine accompany them.