Anyone else suffer from leg cramps and believe your migraines cause them

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  • I get pins and needles in my left foot I'm sure is linked to them!

  • Went for a vascular consultant and he said "its just something you have to deal with there's nothing I can do" so was pointless! Never use to get it until I started with migraines

  • I get cramps in my feet and toes when I have a kind of distracts from the head pain

  • Wow, I've never linked my leg cramps with my Migraines! (Never thought of it). But I will keep an eye on it. X

  • Makes you think it could be related! My GP said my migraine tablets should help cramps though cos they thin blood vessels x

  • Do you get restless legs sometimes? I feel a need to squeeze every muscle in my legs. If a bright light has aggravated me during the day, I know that I am unsettled and restless. LED streetlights have disturbed my sleeping patterns for sure; my eye pain & migraine is caused by a bright day, or working under LED lights or being whacked in the eyes by strong car headlights after a long drive of 40 minutes or more. I have come to realise a pattern after being exposed to conditions that are too bright. I am beginning to think about this one, and I have considered maybe it is down to the fact that humans did not evolve under the bright light conditions of today. Interestingly I understand that reports of migraines are on the increase. I am really trying to counteract this. I have got a job closer to home away from strong bright light. Anyway, try drinking Indian Tonic Water, the quinine in it helps to counteract cramp. Does not taste great but it is magic stuff. Hope this helps x Take Care.

  • It's called restless leg syndrome guys and yes it is linked to migraines. You need to ask docs to check your ferritin levels and my neurologist suggests iron supplements prescribed accordingly until it is better controlled. Also can be prescribed sinemet or gabapentin but I'm currently struggling with side effects of gabapentin.

  • I've been told to drink tonic water but I do hate the taste of it

  • My Dad suffers from restless legs too, poor Dad, he has this worse than me. Maybe a link, have no idea, but any self-help on coping with migraine is greatly appreciated. I find strong light in my eyes awful.

  • Magnesium supplements can help with that and restless legs

  • Second that

  • I've just started gabapentin, what side affects do you get?

  • I do, but never knew or assumed they were migraine related......

  • I've gained weight like 6 lb and been exhausted constantly

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz Louise ugh! Looking forward to that then.......

  • I had a major reaction to Gabapentin and so did my daughter. My legs/feet just became so swollen I could hardly get my jeans or shoes on and in 3 days my weight increased by 8 pounds. My ankles were non existent and GP took me straight off them. Horrible experience. I found out at a later date that I was very low in Vit D and low in Potassium. Treated for both and although I still get leg/foot cramps it isn't half as bad as was.