Any preventative medication safe to take whilt trying to conceive pregnant

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  • The simple answer will be no, no one will guarantee anything is safe in pregnancy other than paracetamol. But I would see your GP or neuro as they might give you a more in depth answer however even then they tend to say you can only take them if the benefits outweigh the risks

  • I would talk to your GP. There may be something you can take.

  • Have an appt with GP but not for a few days yet. They told me to stop but didnt offer an alternative. Whilst pregnant woth my son I ended up with pre eclampsia and took labetalol through pregnancy to control my blood pressure. Didn't have migraines either. Wonder if it servws the same purpose

  • Could you ring and ask for advice. Explain that it is unbearable and see if they can prescribe anything. Does your surgery have a walk in clinic?? Mention your previous experience with the other med. Hope you get some answers.

  • I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant and had to stop all my meds as soon as I found out. Sore my consultant who advised I could start taking propranolol but after hearing feedback on experience I've decided against taking it as there where too many women who had miscarried before 20 weeks. I can still take asprin with paracetamol but a much lower dose than normal. Was told they should get better but haven't so far