Anesthesia CH Has anyone ever woke up from anesthesia with a Cluster I have...

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  • No, I had no problems. Good luck

  • Have had several surgeries but never a CH.

  • Nope! Anesthesia seems to have a way of dealing with the ch (if such even occurs while under) - and it lingers a while so should not have that issue. But be prepared - never say never

  • I've had anesthesia many times. I usually do wake up with a minor headache but it's not a cluster. It's just a headache. Anytime I know I have to go under I make sure I let my doctor's note so they are prepared. Good luck

  • Do wish you well with those procedures too - praying for you

  • I didn't when I had it. I did get an attack 7 hrs later. I made sure the anesthesiologist KNEW clearly I had CH and made sure he knew what it was.

  • Sid, what's new with your surgery? Haven't talked to you in a while!!! Hope you're well my friend

  • Bobbie - just in a recovery mode! TN pain is gone, which is huge blessing for damn sure. Will probably go back to work the first of May. Getting way too bored! :)

  • Ask them to keep the O2 flowing after the procedure at 15 liters

  • Ah, I wanna work! Lol

  • Bobbie - make sure the doc writes orders for the O2 @ 15 as Tim states. My NS did that and for a non-rebreather mask; staff had both injections and O2 ready at all times for me

  • I was in the start of a cycle - 2-3 days into it, pain wasn't too bad, when I had surgery. Told the anaesthetist about it. But cycle had stopped after the surgery, didn't get the full 3-4 week cluster cycle that usually comes. Not one headache. strange, but good for me. Only pain was recovering from the surgery.

  • They already know, & they said for me to bring a "pre loaded" shot for them to have just incase!

    I have 2 procedures & I dread them SO bad

  • I have had 5 major operations never woke up with one.

  • I have had 4 operations and never a CH afterwards. Anesthesia and pain meds keep them away.