And one more for good luck Welcoming our newest of newest new members...

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  • Welcome!

  • Welcome

  • Hello

  • I added him to the group. Pending approval

  • The files section has a lot of info about abortives and preventatives. One quick thing that might help is Red Bull...icy cold and drink it fast. I beleive your brother was just added :)

  • Really??? Red bull??? I thought that would be bad. Why Red bull Luke Johnston. Thanks for your comment

  • Caffeine and taurine help the restricted blood vessels...I think lol Also strong black coffee can help too!

  • Well i enjoy redbull so ill definitely give it a go..

  • Just be sure to have it as soon as you feel an attack coming on. I find the longer you wait the less effective it is.

  • Cheers...

  • Where so i find files section?

  • After he skulled the redbull he had the most painful and longest cluster ever

  • Sorry it didn't help

  • That ok. You've got to try different things