Am I the only one who takes a Hot bath when it just gets too much All my life...

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  • Yes!!!! I can't stand cold when I have a migraine makes it so much worse. For a really bad one, I take my OTC meds, Maxalt, drink a energy drink with it and get in a hottest bath I can stand and finish my energy drink. Try to stand in there ad long as a I can and then go to sleep. I also put a rice hot bag on my head in bed too

  • I do the same thing minus the energy drink LOL I can take it pretty Hot infact I hardly turn the cold water on but It just makes me feel alot better

  • I'm the opposite, that would be torture. Glad it works for you!

  • I love a hot bath- especially when I have a migraine. I put in some Eucalyptus Epsom salts, a few drops of an essential oil headache blend, and some coconut oil. So soothing on my tense muscles!

  • Wait.. Heidi they have essential oils for headaches?!! Really? Where can I get those?

  • I want a hot tub!! But I don't want another migraine ever again in my life either....don't really see that A woman can dream!!

  • Christen Gardner I got this one on Amazon. There are a couple different ones. I can't say definitively that it eases the migraine but it smells good and is relaxing mixed in a bath or in my diffuser.

  • I'll sometimes put this on after. Again, can't say 100% that it helps but I'll try just about anything if it says it'll help!

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz thank you!! Anything is worth a shot! Michelle Mae McKim we have to try these

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz Agreed!! Lol

  • I want a walk in tub shower so I can get the hot water up to my neck without always having to get my hair wet... I would love a hot tub too but don't think know that will happen.

  • I just pull mine up whenever I have the chance for a hot tub use

  • HOT shower with Vic's on my neck and points of pain right after with a cup of black coffee and a huge glass of water

  • Yeees sounds awesome! !

  • Steaming hot jacuzzi. I love the relaxation. Of course I only get that in a hotel because my bathrooms are too small! A girl can dream.