Am going to follow as not sure if any good for Hemiplegic migraines Does any...

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  • None of us are experts Hun and there has been no medical trials on it so that's why I set this group up so we can see how many it works for. Hopefully someone might of had the same ones and had the piercing and can advise, new people are joining every hour so you will get an answer hopefully soon x

  • Brilliant Thanks hun

  • hey I just saw this I get those too ... i was going to try it out :) so i'll let you know x

  • Got mine done today :)

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz how have your migraines been since having it done? Any improvement? I'm thinking of getting mine done this week

  • my dull head ache has gone :)

  • no migraines yet either xx

  • OK that sounds like it's better so far which is good...I'm really pleased for you x

  • And thank you x

  • yeh for sure the 'fog' as i call it has gone :)

  • That's brilliant...I definitely think I'll book mine. Thank you x