All of the time. I ve lost almost every great good friend when I got sick

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  • Yep right now.

  • My son has more friends since his headache was "birthed" 7-1/2 years ago. I am thankful for every one of them who can be tolerant when needed, push him when he needs it, and remind him there is a whole world out there!

  • This is EXACTLY what happened to me... I have one friend who never wavered but I still hardly ever see and was never the most close with... I have another friend who I wasn't friends with for a year because she was completely passive aggressive towards me at school when I started to be absent more... My sister is my best friend in the whole world and it was her first year at college far away so I talk to her a lot but don't get to see her often, and once next fall is upon us the first friend I mentioned will also be far away at college... Losing all my friends and not getting the chance to make new ones is my biggest frustration with this headache...

  • I'm grateful that my two best friends both understand chronic pain. One has scoliosis, and she's glad that I've been there for her-like when she had surgery. My other friend's (who's been my friend since I was an infant) mom has a lot of health problems (and she has food allergies).

  • Like any other event in life that weeds out the good from the bad, those that stick with you still are the ones you should call friends. Yes it can be frustrating at times to be friends with people like us. I lost the majority of the people I called friends not too long after this thing began. It sucked and it made things ever that more devastating... but I see now that those people weren't true friends of mine. One day you'll form a new circle of friends who will stick with you... I'm starting to build mine back up :)

  • Love you Lisa! I'm in my eighth year. Few understand, but the ones who stick around are worth more than gold.