After two years of interrogation obstruction abuse and bureaucracy my TPD

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  • So glad you finally got it!! Sorry for the long road to get there. I'm getting to ready to apply myself. Any tips??

  • Thanks Marcia, just be prepared for a hard slog, but persevere and persevere!

  • Are you on disability? Does that help?

  • I'm in Australia, and I'm still waiting for my disability to be approved. The rules here are very strict now, so MORE patience is required on that front

  • Congratulations David! So glad to hear that is possible in Australia. It is something I hope I never have to resolve to, but as I'm not quite 30, no idea how NDPH will continue throughout my life. Would be great to meet you one day, as I don't know of many people(only those on here) from Australia, let alone someone so close (I'm in Pakenham)

  • Wow, you're very local! I'm sorry that you're suffering with NDPH so young. At least I was coming to the end of my working life, even if that didn't sway the insurers.

    If we can find a day when we're both semi-human, we could catch up for a coffee

  • Definitely! It maybe 6 weeks away, but I will be on holidays then (teacher). During the term is so hectic and draining

  • Sorry it has to be like this but congrats for keeping up the fight & getting approved! I was just screaming to the universe in my car that there has to be a cure for this!!!!!!

  • Congrats! That's huge for our community