After being punted back from the pain specialist to my neuro I was told today...

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  • Nucynta is in the same category as tramadol but is known for low nausea.

  • I took Tramadol... I found that it wasn't strong enough, my headaches and neck pain would only dull some for a short time then it was back full blown. I felt like it took too long to kick in too, so in the meantime I'm doing everything I can think of to survive the ride *heating pad, warm bath, mineral ice muscle rub, hot teas* til it helped... I get major full blown headaches that trigger my ear disease so I get a double dose of hell til meds kick in. Tramadol is not fast, I would also think it depends on the severity of your pain too wether or not Tramadol can work for you. A friend of mine is not severe and she swears by Tramadol.

  • for the nasea, I take zofran. It is great for nasea, just thought I'd pass that on. The generic version on the other hand works too, but leaves a terrible after taste so be ready with a drink lol (onansetron is the generic name). They dissolve under your tongue :)

  • Strange question- you do t happen to be hypermobile? Like in your joints? ( double jointed)

  • No. Normal joint motion, but the muscles on the right side of my neck lock down tight during a headache.