Advice needed My daughter who is 9yr suffers from migraines Today was her...

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  • Go talk to the principal now!!!!!

  • I did she said she would look into it.

  • Stay on top of her about it! They need to make an effort to allow your daughter to enjoy activities just like the others. And I don't think 20 minutes is too much to ask. I totally understand! My daughters migraines are so much better after years of looking for the right treatments but bright flashing lights are definitely out!!!! If the principal isn't helpful go to the superintendent! Please keep us updated as to how it turns out!

  • Thank you

  • My son wear glasses with transition lenses that are very sensitive. The sun flashing through the trees will in car is his big trigger.

  • That is shameful. A dance does not need a strobe light to be fun. I agree with Susan Brantley Mallory. In my eyes..though law may be was discriminatory once they found out and refused.

  • Start fighting NOW