A new symptom for me. Do anyone else have tingling in the hands and feet

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  • Yes, only with Topomax prescription, I am on my 7th week, so far it has "settled" down with my migraines I've had since 2007...I am more concern if I has to take this preescription for rest of my life?

  • Yes, sometimes.

  • Sure do

  • The very first migraine i had back in 1996, 6th grade for me, that is how it started. Tingling, then my whole left side went numb. My mom freaked oyt, didn't know what was wrong and called an ambulance. It was my first migraine and it was a doozy. Fast fwd to my senior year, had many migraines but spaced apart. I was in science and i didn't know i wasnt holding the glue anymore. My left side was numb. Had a doozy that day. Ever since that last doozy, i havent had any like that. But they started with the tingling then numbness. I am a migraine frequent flyer these days as migraines are 3/4x a week. Still have my bad ones but thankfully no doozies.

  • I get that when I take toomax

  • What you had were hemiplegic migraines.

  • Yes I do get a tingling sensation as well..

  • Yes.

  • i av tingling in my hands, forearms, feet and bottom of my legs all the time. one dr said it was my stress and anxiety, another doc said it was a symptom of my chronic migraines and chronic daily headaches and another dr said it was part of my fibromyalgia. im guessing iv constantly got the tingling due to all 3 conditions being up and down all the time xx

  • Yes. But it's also a side affect of one of the meds I'm taking..Topamax. It's in my feet..my fingers..specifically my right hand. :/