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  • Doesn't sound as if I've got much to look forward to then!

  • I think I maybe the exception to the rule

  • I am in the same boat. Have they said why they want you to stop the Triptans? I wish Doctors would actually explain things. What harm do they do? Are they destroying our livers/kidneys? I got a shock as a mid 20's woman, on the pill, when a doc said "are you trying to get a stroke?" Of course the pill has changed a lot since the 70's/80's but we need the chance to weigh up the pros and cons ourselves. Life is not worth living if spent in bed, in the dark, throwing up and scared to make any plans because you know they will be ruined by a migraine. Zomig is the only thing I can rely on 95% of the time to work.

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  • I've been on 50ml every night and I've not migraine for 2 months so it's worked for me .I do take other meds also x

  • Didn't work, always tired, massive weight gain and hair loss x

  • 10,20 and 30mg didn't do much for me but 40mg is working well, I feel the migraine coming on and start to panic thinking the pain and aura will hit bad but it just isn't!! The side effects really don't seem that bad to me (drowsiness I just take them early in the evening, heartburn a rennie fixes it, a couple of nightmares but seem to have stopped, dry mouth, and grogginess/spaced out) but I'm still much happier than when I was getting several migraines a week. It's working for me for now but I'm working towards going medication free and moving to a better climate as mine are mostly weather related.

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  • I'm so deathly afraid of needles! I have to muster up the courage to take my Sumatriptan injections, too. LOL & SMH

    There are times I deal with the pain, instead of fumbling with the epipen - not to mention the bruising I get from it

  • Aw that's awful. I think it's totally worth trying if you can.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz

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  • If I had been laid up for 2 weeks I would be anxious too. Have you seen your Doctor or been to A & E? These symptoms could be down to too many meds or something sinister. Please get checked out.

  • I have been to the doctor had blood tests and going for a scan on Monday x

  • good, hope they get some answers and relief for you.

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  • Have an appt with GP but not for a few days yet. They told me to stop but didnt offer an alternative. Whilst pregnant woth my son I ended up with pre eclampsia and took labetalol through pregnancy to control my blood pressure. Didn't have migraines either. Wonder if it servws the same purpose

  • Could you ring and ask for advice. Explain that it is unbearable and see if they can prescribe anything. Does your surgery have a walk in clinic?? Mention your previous experience with the other med. Hope you get some answers.

  • I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant and had to stop all my meds as soon as I found out. Sore my consultant who advised I could start taking propranolol but after hearing feedback on experience I've decided against taking it as there where too many women who had miscarried before 20 weeks. I can still take asprin with paracetamol but a much lower dose than normal. Was told they should get better but haven't so far

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  • Dr Sun-Edelstein is the best and listens . She is the only one to see . It may take a while to see her but she is worth it

  • Yeah 9 month wait... Will be seeing someone else in the meantime

  • She is awesome, listens, tries alternatives to others, calls whenever I leave a message, I tell her she is the headache guru

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  • I'm a Vitamin D success story.

  • The regime says 10,000 a day and it looks like they are 1000 tablets so you'd need to take 10 of them daily

  • remember it the , vitamin k2 m7, very important as its the same as the bacteria normally found in our gut, but with taking higher doses of D3, it draws calcium into the stomach, hence the need for k2, m7 type, to re direct the calcium away from veins and bad places to where it should be. vitamin k2 M7 is what are slangly called the stomach police. Your can get it naturaly from some foods, the japanese food Natto ? k2 M4 is another type that works, but I believe the M7 is a natural derivative. Normal K2 only, is not the same, it must be the M-4 or M-7 variety, prefferably the M-7 type !!!!!!!

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  • Hi Greg, I'm a newbie from Waterford

  • I'm so sorry Tammy. I'm really new to all this, still in hospital trying to get meds sorted. My daughter saw one before I was admitted & hasn't spoken to me or visited since. It's breaking my heart

  • I don't care what thr radar says. I can tell ya better than it can

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  • I personally didn't want my child on adult medication, we have had migraines with him for 6 years and and he is nearly 11 now...I have to say I think that finally despite being under a pediatrian and me going down every route for a solution he may just be out growing them. he went from 4 a month with vomiting for many years and now maybe 1 every 2 months...saying that he doesn't eat anything with E numbers in, drinks lots of water, doesn't eat crap food or sweets often, he has a good routine. he is allowed to drink water in class to aid hydration and might be worth going for a colour test at the opticians..my son was also given coloured plastic overlays and coloured books at school to take the glare off black writing on white paper which can affect eyes and cause migraine. as he is older now and so used to suffering, he now takes one calpol melt as soon as his head hurts and if poss takes himself up to bed for a sleep and 8/10 times it goes and there is no vomiting...hope any of this can be of help to consider x

  • I dont know if this will help him, i was advised to cut out anything with aspartame or sweetners in also cut out all things like pickles including things with vinegar flavour, i only drink 7up now along with tea n coffe and mine have dropped dramatically im also on topiramate and amytritalin xx

  • ThAnkyou Janine I am a bit worried about starting on them after reading the side effects another lady on here suggested b2 vitamins so might give that a go instead - i just don't want him missing loads of school if they are going to become more frequent x x

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  • They already know, & they said for me to bring a "pre loaded" shot for them to have just incase!

    I have 2 procedures & I dread them SO bad

  • I have had 5 major operations never woke up with one.

  • I have had 4 operations and never a CH afterwards. Anesthesia and pain meds keep them away.

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  • I've gained weight like 6 lb and been exhausted constantly

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz Louise ugh! Looking forward to that then.......

  • I had a major reaction to Gabapentin and so did my daughter. My legs/feet just became so swollen I could hardly get my jeans or shoes on and in 3 days my weight increased by 8 pounds. My ankles were non existent and GP took me straight off them. Horrible experience. I found out at a later date that I was very low in Vit D and low in Potassium. Treated for both and although I still get leg/foot cramps it isn't half as bad as was.

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  • I agree....linking up with other sufferers makes you feel less alone ( I went to a migraine conference and felt like I was meeting people from 'my planet' for the first time!!

  • I totally understand. I have 4 children, all of them have inherited my migraines and have suffered from the age of 4. It's so horrible feeling so helpless.

  • Thanks Karen. So sorry your children suffer too. I only have one and seeing him suffer was horrendous in itself. But thanks to everyone on here I am now armed with a supply of products and methods to try to ease his suffering. For that I'll be forever grateful. My heart totally goes out to all you lovely people xx

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  • I've had this ,and it was a middle ear imbalance .the fluid needs to be reset .there are head exercises to do look it up on line ,it's worth a try ,x

  • Thank you. I will have a look at those.

  • did you get to the drs Emma Ann Louise Jones? hope you are feeling better this evening

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  • I have a nasal spray as well. Not sure if it works but does clear my nose lol. I just found eating ice cream when you start to have an attack kinda stopped it in its tracks from getting worse and would slowly go away. Thats why i eat it with a small spoon to take it slower. It may not work for you but it does for me and i dont believe I've heard anyone else talk about having ice cream so they don't come on.

  • In the name of science.... I shall eat icecream :) best excuse ever!

  • Lol

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  • Try travel sick bands .. They work on pressure points and should alliviate the sickness ..worth a try .. No drug solution .....I would try warm hot water bottle on back of neck too... Opens up the blood flow ..which may be restricted

  • I did put pressure on his daith point and it helped for about 10 minutes so depending on how often he gets them, (this one was his worst but had 6 since January including this one) I may look into acupuncture to help him with it. So pleased you found something that worked for you. It's such a debilitating thing, seems to hit so hard and life just 'stops'. My heart goes out to anyone who suffers from these xxx

  • Thanks, that's 25 years I've had them now with varying frequency so I've tried a lot!! I hope your son finds the thing that helps him really soon xxx

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  • No but i have past out because of the amount of pain i was in and was wrecked for 24hrs afterwards

  • I get that after attacks now and then and sometimes when my cycle is just starting and the attacks aren't full blown yet, almost like it's even aftermath of one that was building up to hit me but didn't quite get there.

  • I get this alot. It's like a background pain. Lasts for weeks.

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  • Hi Hannah, thanks for replying. Sounds exactly like my little one. It's so awful watching and not being able to take away the pain. How old is your son now?

    Have his migraines become worse?

    Amali started around the same time, 6mo. Took almost 18 months for anyone to listen to me and my concerns!!

  • I know no one would listen to us he is 4 now and we did have the migraines under control with a cranial osteopath but have had a few blips recently but his symptoms have changed. He isn't getting a headache or head tilt but still being violently sick

  • My sister in law suggested an osteopath. I might look into that option. We've been to a chiropractor but had no results.

    These poor kids. So unfair!!

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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz you too find heat soothing. People always talk about cold packs which I would hate. PS. I also have ear plugs and (lovely) snoring husband. I can't bear the slightest sound. Blackout blinds are good.

  • Definitely the worst for me too!

  • Zomig nasal spray x 2, Imodium and will power of not letting myself down. After suffering with them for over 40 years I won't be defeated if I can fight them, I do. There are many many days I can't function. But, I am determined to live my life as best I can

    I have seen the concern and worry in my families eyes over the years, I'm tired of missing out on family events.

    I had to prove that I had a disability at work re sickness/time off through chronic migraine attacks. I had to involve occ health and HR to stop a colleague wearing strong perfume, despite her being aware it affected me.

    The biggest fight of all is with myself. To get out of bed and function, but my goodness I'm going to do it if I can.

    Botox has helped, my next session is due in May. I will rule my condition, not my condition rule me

Love cooling patches when I have stabbing or throbbing pain Much easier to... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I used to find something similar years ago! I loved them too because like you said, it feels good and no ice or cold rag to get the pillow wet. But i couldn't find them and i always forget amazon, even though i have prime lol

  • I have used these for years they are a life saver for me. As u say stick them on and leave them while you sleep

  • I got a headache hat and a icekap. Best things ever

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  • I had to add melatonin Dr with my sleeping pills not the plain. I take about 2 or 3 of the 10 mg. Has helped me tremendously. I get it from Walgreens.

  • Temazepam. It's great. Can't say enough good about it. No side effects either. I use it about once or twice a week.

  • I hear you I get home from work about 11:30pm and I am in bed by 12:00pm (yes with the tv on.) I usually to not fall asleep till 5:30 or 6:30am. When I do though I crash out. I do not get up till 2:00p right before work.

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  • I am a Chronic Cluster Hadache sufferer. Like Roland, I was approved for SSDI on the first try. You definitely have to send a well documented, detail oriented application when you apply. My packet was probably 2 inches thick with records from my PCP and 2 Neurologists. The key is for your doctors to document extensively your symptoms, all testing that was done and all treatments tried in an effort to prevent or abort cluster headache attacks.

    In full disclosure, my employer's Long Term Disability insurer assisted with the initial application. However, I did ALL of the leg work to gather documents and put the final package together. The LTD carrier had a vested interest in helping me get approved for SSDI...because that meant that they have to pay me less every month (Salary - SSDI = LTD payment)

  • I'm trying here in California. Have a hearing date for June. Denied first time of which is standard practice I guess in 2014 appealed and denied again. All doctors: neurologist, GP, and physical therapist state for record total disability. I'm Chronic Cluster with Weir Mitchell's as well. Medication does not work. o2 and sumatriptan sometimes but not always. This has been a hell ride. I read here where someone stated the only thing left of who he once was is his name. Ditto for us all I'm sure. He couldn't have said it better. My mental hurts as bad as CCH.

  • I get it in the U.S.

— Parent support forum of children teens suffering with migraines

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  • I'm a single mom, so it all falls on me. I work a 90% schedule where I leave a couple of hours early 2 days a week. I work from home one day a week. I have a FMLA which lets me leave when I need. It's not perfect and my manager is not easy to work with. So, I'm starting a business with hopes of transitioning to working from home fulltime.

  • I have the option to work weekend nights (12hrs/shift). That way I am with my kids all week and my husband is there all weekend. I am too, just asleep, so if she gets a migraine she can just come sleep with me. I know not very many people have that option, but, it's great for us.

  • I had to give up work when my youngest got NDPH. For the first couple of years she would go to school whenever she could but it was usually only an hour a day maximum. For the last 2 years I have home educated her. I don't have a job as my husband works quite long hours so is able to support us financially. His job has always taken priority for us and I have worked whenever I could. Plus I have teaching experience so it made sense for us to organise things this way.

Might be a silly question but I m really sincere in asking it is your memory... — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • Lol. Yep!

  • Oh yes!

  • Kristiina Niemelä I had all the dementia testing. MRI and all that too. In the end it was so to sleep deprivation derived from anxiety/stress. Once I started getting a bit better sleep. Memory returned. I'm between clusters now for several years. But the old habits of being afraid to sleep for fear of having a CH wake me after I could work an abortive really hosed me.

    Working behavioral modifications to get to sleep better.

    The beast stays with us all. Even when he's not poking a hot poker in my eye. Prick ! It is indeed similar to PTSD.

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  • Tracy the same with your child. It's heartbreaking.

  • It is definitely comforting! I started this page because I couldn't find a single person who understood what I was going through and I didn't want anyone to go through watching their children suffer alone!

  • Xxxxxxx YzzzzzzO'Connell your story is just like ours! My 6 yr old hit his head when he was 3. He fell off the couch backwards and hit his head. It sounded bad but wasnt that far of a fall and he stopped crying pretty easily. I didn't think much of it but that night he started crying and just kept pointing at his head saying it hurt. I took him to the ER and they did a CT scan and everything was fine. That was his first migraine. He's been getting them about every month, sometimes more sometimes less ever sense. I have head aches and my dad's side of the family has migraines. It's horrible to watch him go through them!

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  • I take it now for my depressio. And fibromyalgia. Ive had success with it. But they didn't give it ti me for migraines

  • I used Cambia for several years and if I caught it in time it worked to at least knocked the Migraine down some. Cambia is very hard on your Kidneys and I now have Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease from all the meds.

  • My family phy rx for major depression. I began to develop a everyday migraine. I was eating my migraine pills like candy I went thru 60 butal in less than a month. And 12 imetrex week and half. They were terrible. I was getting toradol shots. Nothing was working. I was even taking morphine. Very well could have been rebound too..She sent me to a pain specialist who said the Cymbalta is more than likely part of the culprit. He took me off and put me on nortriptyline. Migraines have gotten better. At least I'm not eating pills like candy anymore. Not gone but manageable for the past week and a half

Have any of you had problems with illegal behavior or abuse by medical... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Get an attorney involve now.

  • Wow. So sorry!! :( That sucks. Have you consulted a lawyer? Maybe he could help you get emotional damage compensation.

  • If you think the behavior was inappropriate you could do either but the hospital and doctor are going to protect themselves. Consult an attorney most consults are free.

Anyone on cymbalta. I recently been put on it and I ve been taking topamax — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • It definitely causes severe withdrawal if u forget to take it

  • I remember that as well. If I was late taking it or forgot, I could tell. Ugh, rough stuff!

  • The Dr gave me cymbalta for anxiety and. Depression...I've been on topamax since last July for migraines.. I've only started the cymbalta Thursday and had a headache since the second day of taking it...its nonstop wake up with it ...go to bed with it

— My Migraine Support Forum

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  • After 41 years still haven't figured it out. Weather, raw onions, flowery smells.

  • Aspartame, MSG, red dye #40 #5 and strong smells and quick changes to barometric pressure

  • smell, noise and light

OMG I m so tired of people thinking every migraine is the same I hate living... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I understand I have trigeminal neroragial headaches. They r a horse of a different color. I feel with everyone I lose a part of me.im dieing here slowly

  • Right! They're so unpredictable!!

  • I think people think when we say migraine we're being over dramatic about a headache.

Hello I m new here I suffered from migraines for over 9 years I would take... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • But it is if you sell the product?

  • Why does it matter what my job is ??? I suffer from migraines and it's horrible ...

  • Yes migraines are horrible. I'm not saying that. I'm sorry you suffer. All I'm saying is when you mention a wonderful product and you sell it, it then benefits you. That's all. That's my opinion. Nothing else. I am glad you feel better

I m sitting watching 24 hours in A E I m looking at broken bones that have to... — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • We really are hardcore, Jamey. Not for wimps. It sure has hardened us i say with sadness.

  • I've also found out that I've got an incredible tolerance for pain medication. If my wife takes half of one of my pills she's out for 48 hours. I take as many as 8 with little to no affect!

  • Im exactly the same, Jamey, a doctor in hospital once said to me "you're on enough to stop a donkey" and it hadn't fazed me at all. It really surprised him..

Has anyone been on Topamax for migraines I m tapering off it slowly but I m... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • Oh weight loss too

  • Weight loss. I could only do 25mg at night. The doc wanted morning and night, but it made me drowsy. But it was the only med that's really helped. Blood pressure meds make it drop way too much. I've tried anxiety meds and I have horrible night sweats and change sheets 2 times a night. So, Topamax was the only one I could handle.

  • I am on it and I had no side effects from taking it. and it has been since 2016 since i been on it

Hi I have joined this group recently as I was diagnosed with severe vertigo 2... — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • Yes i have Chronic Migraine but can get 1 to 10 symptoms but no pain in the head

    Mine are daily never without at least 1 symptom a day

    Sometimes just Aura black n white dots

    Sometimes just dizziness

    But its a neurological thing with me

  • I

    Thank you ladies I rarely have headaches but everyday my ears and eyes are VERY sensitive. I use a computer all day in work and struggles with lines on the screen, noise and concentration, on good days on bad dizzy days it is just hell but I don't know what to do. Thank you for the advice

  • have you had your thyroid checked? x

Hi folks I m also new here Interested to know if anyone here suffers from... — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • Not sure if this will be any help but I get pins and needles due to problems in my neck. This is also causing a lot of my migraines. I go regularly to get my neck "done" and can recommend this.

  • Thanks for the advice Penny! Mine is also in my neck and travels into my shoulders. What do you get done exactly? Xx

  • I see a physio who manipulates my neck and shoulders, and "softens" out the hard bits! It can be quite sore afterwards but also a "release". He says he can feel the tense areas going through my shoulders and up my neck which are contributing to my migraines. I definitely feel better for his treatment. I have been seeing him for several years on and off.

Hello im new here I recently saw a neurologist for severe back of head oain... — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • So bad that you have to hold your head

  • Yes i have been on my knees a few times grasping the back of my head. The pain is very intense

  • Omg carnt u have the nerve block injection

    Sounds horrid i get Chronic Migraine and can be bed ridden for days n weeks but the pain is bearable nothing like this so sorry

I ve had this pain behind in my right eye for days and it s always there but... — Migraine Chat Room

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  • 70% dull right in my eye/behind my eye and then it spreads to my temple like a piercing pain. I've had it for weeks now

  • can you see an ophthalmologist and have them check your pressures? Not the type that just does glasses.

  • I'm not sure I'll check it out

So last night I started getting a migraine so I tried to Nippet in the butt and... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I used to be able to sleep off my migraines but lately thats not working anymore

  • I'm the same can't sleep them off at all I've felt like you for over the last week ☹️

  • "Nippet in the butt"? Wow. Lol. That's "nip it in the bud".

Hi after some advice please my 9 year old son has had migraines for the past... — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • Thanks Janet I was concerned that he wanted to sleep all the time good to know that's normal x

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz ifyour still concerned take him to see your doctor ,or try and get the doctor to come out to see him ,but please make sure he drink's even if its just regular sips of water so he doesn't dehydrate , take care x

  • So sorry you have to see your little one suffer. Would something with ginger or peppermint be a comfort. Lavender is a comfort in the background, though I know very well the pain only goes away when it is ready to. We have photosensitive migraines and issues with the sun in our family line. For me, LED lights have played me up no end. Try putting something warm on the back of the neck. If noise creates havoc, try pinching the area between the thumb and forefinger....I have not tried it myself but a friend I know told me it helped him. Maybe the smell of warm bran might help?.....crazy I know but my Mum ran a tumble dryer with plain bran in it, and it helped!....no I don't get it either. Closer to the truth I found the background hum of the tumble dryer soothing, so this might me more soothing than anything? I also wear migraine darkened red glasses these days, they really help. But saying that, different things work better for different people. Really hope this eases off for your family for the Easter Break. Take Care x

Well just great. Was on day 3 of a migraine last night — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Advil mix with torodol? Good to know. Could be... try nixing. the benedryl next time & see if you itch

  • I am thinking something mixed non good with the maxalt. Uggg

  • My kidney doctor when I was having kindly stones last month said I could take Ibuprofen with my Toradol

Hello. Any advice please. Has any one got any experience of the York test — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • Thanks. I have already cut out dairy

  • I've heard of the York test but have never done it. I got tested for intolerances years ago in NZ with a computer hooked up to a copper rod which I had to hold. As the woman who tested me scrolled over the various foods and substances on the screen my body reacted to the ones I had an issue with. I was incredibly sceptical and tried my best to catch her out but it was SO accurate. I cut out the foods she picked up on and went from 5 migraines a week to 2 in 5 months!! Unfortunately I have no idea what it was called but it obviously picked up on intolerances as well as allergies as I don't have any actual allergies. My point is that if the York test only deals with allergies maybe there is something out there that would be more suitable? It's something I plan to look into again too.

  • I've cut out all diary except chocolate , Did av some ice cream as fancied some so will try cut it bk out , I don't any other x

Has anyone had success longer lasting pain relief with prednisone — Cervicogenic Headache Support Forum

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  • I have been on it for colds and it didn't help my migraine headaches that I have daily. I get cervical steroid epidurals every 6 - 8 weeks and with that I may get 3 - 5 days of headache free afternoons, then I go right back to it. My doctors are working to find an answer though. We try so many things. I wish for headache free days for everyone!!!

  • You should not be on steroids for colds! It only make the infection last much longer as steroids lowers your immune system:)

  • Thank you. And you are right. I am still dealing with one.

Really not feeling well Day 4 of a migraine Two weeks of non stop suffering... — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • Try putting the radio on low volume in the next room, press something warm on the back of your neck and think of a spice you get on well with, like ginger or peppermint.....if you feel well enough try a ginger or peppermint tea.......but it you find strong smells make you ill, try pinching the area between your thumb and forefinger on your hand....hope this helps...take care x

  • Same as me but last night doc give me zolmitripan.nasal spray 5mg with mine actually looks until these lke I was having a stroke x

  • hope you find something

Has anybody tried midron — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Didn't work for me. Had it years ago

  • Yes, I tried it about 20 years ago and am currently taking it.

  • I took it years ago and it was hit or miss on whether it worked. Always made me a bit manic afterwards. I was told it had been taken off the market so I switched to Maxalt and now on Imitrex.

Hi I ve been 4 months free with out mirgraines then last night they started... — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • Hope it is easing off soon. If it any comfort I get numb tingling and drop things. Sometimes my partner has looked at me quizzically so I then realise that my words are muddled or my speech is not clear. He told me that it is like I am speaking through clenched teeth, anyone relayed this to you too? I find that I am very likely to be triggered by strong lights for what's is worth, though I am aware that different triggers are out there for many migraine sufferers.

  • I had the same symptoms once and was told I should go to the Doctor's. They were worried in case it was a stroke (normal with a migraine but they were covering their selves). Felt like a fraud as I knew what it was. When I had it after I was back from doctors I kept myself wrapped up and made sure I drank lots. I was lucky as I had someone who could take me to appt.

  • Thanks , it's took me few days to feel 100% me again , really hope I don't have any more , last year they was really bad then apperared to space out and became less, still not sure what keeps triggering them I don't eat any diary except chocolate lol but I feel that helps as after I've had a mirgraine , my sugar levels go so low n I'm shakey and get really annoyed , doctors are usless just thob me off all time, not 100% sure if it's my implant I'm on as that's due out in Oct been on it 6 years never had a brake and never had a problem till last year with mirgrainesx

It appears that after so long. my migraines are becoming more frequent — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • I know what you mean. You can put up with them for do long then need to do something. I have an appt later and need to mention mine as they are getting frequent.

  • Mine are the same , I went to go to work last week and lost site in left eye and face all numb , I slept the start of last week then ended up going to docs in agony , and ended up with blood test and high blood pressure appointment for scan , I am still off now as shooting pains all down my left handside and in my head , hope you get yours sorted xx

I was just prescribed propranolol Has anyone used this and has it worked for... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I gained 30 lbs in a month!

  • If I could go back in time I would never ever have started it it doesn't help and it does something to the heart and makes you dependent on it pls don't start it.

  • I had a migraine for 2 straight weeks on it and couldn't go another day so I never even made it a month so not sure if it would have helped. A friend tried it and said it's helped but now she's tired all the time.

So I had never had a migraine before 4 yrs ago It started out with maybe 1 a... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Don't give up. Find a Dr that will keep trying. I've had mines for 25 years. Recently daily. I now get Botox inj which has help me tremendously. For rescue I take Imitrex. I also take ibuprofen, muscle relaxers and magnesium. Keep trying.

  • Thank you so much for the suggestions. I will definitely be looking into these.

  • My heart will race an shake like a a crack head.now I shake all the time all I'm on is lithium an tegrtol benadryl so much ibuprofen iv spit up blood a little. In the last few weeks iv started passing out I live alone an it scared me so bad. Hugs.

Magnesium users. Do it really help. How many mg you take and how often — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I hate shopping online. What brands magnesium or magnesium citrate are the best and what stores can you buy them in?

  • I use it too. If you go to their website and enter your email you can get $10 off on amazon for migraine stop. They also offer 365 day money back. So if you dont like it, return it, and what do you have to lose?

  • I've been using it 3-4 months ..

    I get a discount every time . Last time ordered three bottles & got 20% off ..

Can you have cluster headaches but not all the symptoms This all started 2... — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • Hi Elena! Sorry to hear that you're having a rough go of it lately.

    Symptoms of CH can vary a bit from person to person - but the only way you can get a definitive diagnosis is from a neurologist or headache specialist. It sounds like what you're experiencing COULD be CH...

    The following link is a quiz that may help narrow down what's ailing you...

  • It sounds similar. My cycle and associated pain is, extreme pain into my left eye, behind my left ear and into the top of my head. My left eye swells and waters badly. My nose is stuffy. The pain starts at about 2am as an 8 and then lasts until about 11pm when I eventually knock myself out with sleeping tablets. With medication and oxygen I can get the pain down to a 5 during the day. But my memory, self confidence, ability to think, focus and function are severally impacted.

I m starting to feel discouraged My neurologist used to prescribe midrin for... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • BCBSTX stopped covering it as well -- my daughter was using it. They said it was because it contained more than the FDA approved amount of acetaminophen. I have used a GoodRX coupon and paid $23 or so out of pocket for it (20 pills).

  • That makes sense. I have Anthem Blue Cross. I looked it up on GoodRX and it isn't much more than I was paying with the insurance. I see my doctor on Wednesday and will talk to her about it then.

  • Thank you everyone for all the great advice. It has been very helpful.

Has anyone ever taken Sumatriptian after taking excederine migraine Im getting... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Wow that was quite the intense attack. I can barely handle 1 a day but 2 ?!?! I can't do this I'm physically exhausted, these vicious things are taking over my body

  • I always rebound from Excedrin, its probably the same attack.

  • I don't know what to do, imitrex makes me drowsy and can't work when I take that stuff

Welcome to our newest newest member Rosario Goze She joins us from the... — Australia New Zealand Cluster Headache Support

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  • Hi, all!! I'm due to having my 3rd baby any day, excited to say I haven't gotten hit through my entire pregnancy. Going to Oklahoma after I have my baby to get the Jesus Shot. I'm episodic and it's been great being pf for 9 months. I've always wanted to visit Australia and New Zealand!! At our Minnesota State Fair there are Australian potatoes that I make a bee line to as soon as get there. Best fair food ever, anyone have a recipe?! I've removed a lot of chemicals from my everyday use for the health of my brain and body, I've started eating organic foods, and I've been very conscious about what I put in my body and allow in my home and other environments. We deal with enough chemicals in our medications already, right? Thanks for the add!! Peace and love to all.

  • Welcome!

  • Welcome

I have a question n want people to try n be as honest as they can or feel... — Cluster Headache News

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  • Exactly !!! :) :) :) Very well put, exactly on point, and I can relate to absolutely all of it !!! :)

  • Kidney stones of the skull !!! :)

  • I call it the demon I'm lucky I have the support of my whole family when I'm up at 3 in the morning crying my hubby is there with me crying with me sometimes I'm in a bout at the mo and I'm getting hit every hour I agree with you it's not a bloody headache I suffer chronic migraines and it's nothing compared to ch I can understand why people end it I've thought about it a few times especially when I get nights like this I don't even have my oxygen yet takes the piss please Ajay try to relax when you cab when CH lets you sorry your having such a bad time sending pf wishes Hun

Feel so bad for my 17yr old daughter tonight She has had to take a Zomig nasal... — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • So far we've not identified any food triggers. Thankfully she's not normally this bad unless she has her period or is going through a stressful time - her GCSEs were a horrendous experience. Our 15 yr old has had a much worse school year, her attendance was down to 85.4% at her last report. She has missed at least one day a week, sometimes more down to the migraines since the beginning of Sept. Thankfully we seem to have turned a corner and she has managed 4 weeks now without a day off. :-)

  • Stress will set me off. Youngsters today have so much pressure on them from such an early age.

  • Is know. I feel bad for them. I also feel bad that I have passed migraines on to all my children. I have 4. They all get migraines. :-(

I hate the way I feel once the migraine lets up almost as much as I hate the... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Me too

  • I call it a hangover too. It sucks. My anxiety gets worse, I worry about little things that are not an issue. Plus I want to sleep for hours.

  • Postdrome is almost as bad as the actual migraine. It makes me so jumpy!

Does the maxalt help really bad migraines tried everything except this willing... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I take midrin. It works really well for tension headaches. I also use it after my triptans have started to the work.

  • It's the only thing that's helped me and I haven't felt really weird after taking it. I actually break my pills in half and take half when I feel it coming on and it sometimes works. A whole pill will make me feel a little shaky.

  • I also try and drink some caffeine too and that can sometimes help. But I think the key is taking it right when it comes on. I should keep a pill box on a chain around my neck for these.

Hello everyone a lady posted the other day about her Mom being put in a drug... — My Migraine Support Forum

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Anyone get a really tight chest after taking sumatriptan — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Yes I get pain in my chest, neck feels tight, shoulder and arm ached, veins jn my neck feel constricted..oh I hate these migraines!!

  • Same here. Dishes are not getting done after taking it. Lol

  • Yes and my throats started closing I couldn't get a good breath and breathing got very shallow and very rapid. I was having an anaphylactic reaction and if I hadn't had an epi pen I would have went into respiratory arrest. Please be careful. Keep Benadryl handy and epi pen if you have one.

A new symptom for me. Do anyone else have tingling in the hands and feet — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Yes.

  • i av tingling in my hands, forearms, feet and bottom of my legs all the time. one dr said it was my stress and anxiety, another doc said it was a symptom of my chronic migraines and chronic daily headaches and another dr said it was part of my fibromyalgia. im guessing iv constantly got the tingling due to all 3 conditions being up and down all the time xx

  • Yes. But it's also a side affect of one of the meds I'm taking..Topamax. It's in my feet..my fingers..specifically my right hand. :/

Hi all. I need your advice — New Daily Persistent Headache

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  • I'm sorry. We have to find a cure. My 13 year old daughter has had a constant migraine for 2 1/2 years. It has taken over her life.

  • Keep doing your job as best as you can while looking for something less stressful to you. You are sick. You need to adjust your life. Otherwise you will end up with wore headaches. I know. I've been there. Take care of yourself.

  • Please do so and fight for yourself! I'm very passionate about this, especially now. Good luck!

Does anyone else in the group take Gabapentin Fluoxetine and use a Butec... — UK Migraine Support And Advice Forum

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  • hello i am on Gabapentin At the very moment, i take 300mg 3 times a day for muscular pain and for migraine. it does miracles to my back and neck but nothing to my head at all. I foun d out some time ago that i have a shorter leg than the other so doctor thought the misalligment of my spine caused the migraines. Ever since i did physiotherapy and took gabapentin to treat the problem. I had huuge improvement on back/neck but my migraines didnt get any better so they realised it wasnt because of that, but neuroligst is still happy he spooted this problem and got it fixed :) ( since he is the very first doctor to spotted the problem, nobody else noticed i was walking funny :()

I have a quick question Has anyone else experienced sores in their mouth while... — New Daily Persistent Headache Support

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  • Sounds like you may have yeast causing canker sores-I have had that but only one or two at a time-very painful and uncomfortable

  • No

  • I had sores in my mouth once last year. The dentist diagnostic was stomatitis. I was in a period of acute stress and fatigue.

    It went away within about 3 weeks.

    I haven't found any correlation with the severity of my headache though.

STORYTIME. Feel free to laugh because I feel stupid — Official Migraine Support Forum

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  • No .. I've experienced migraines for about 3 or 4 years now .. they suck

  • Well I mean , I get migraines occasionally .. but I have just recently started back taking my Adderall because we've been on spring break .. and I notice migraines every time I finally start taking my Adderall again ..

  • :( Prayers

Last night 9 hours without a let up Im done 20 minutes is torture I miss... — Cluster Headaches Exposed

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  • 9 hours...... ? I might not be alive . 2 hours is the longest I've had and that's way to long.

  • There are no words to explain. I wasn't alone thankfully or it would have been my last. Now I am terrified.

  • You should be. I would.i can't even imagine that long. Hang in there bro.

I have tried all kinds of things to try and stop my migraines Now my... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • My protocol:

    Imitrex 100 mg


    Ice pack around my head

    Rub Tiger Balm on temples

    Eye mask

    In bed keeping feet warm

  • Imitrex nasal form

  • I finally found a combo that seems to be keeping them at a minimum. I'm on my second round of Botox and I can tell that is working because when it wears off I start to get them more frequently. If I take maxalt right when it starts coming on most times it will stop it. If I get past that point I take a maxalt and excedrin and ice on my head and pray for the best. I also use the fasciablaster on my traps and neck twice a week to keep my muscles loose because I noticed this has helped.

Has anyone tried a salt rock lamp. For migraines or other health reasons — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I have one and I find the light soothing but I saw a report that they can be a fire hazard.

  • We have one , got it for allergies, couldn't tell it worked ( have been getting migraines from some allergens)

    I have a friend that swears by it for sinus issues ...

    it won't hurt you ...

  • I have a few. They don't do anything for my migraines, but I love the glow.

Am I the only one who takes a Hot bath when it just gets too much All my life... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • HOT shower with Vic's on my neck and points of pain right after with a cup of black coffee and a huge glass of water

  • Yeees sounds awesome! !

  • Steaming hot jacuzzi. I love the relaxation. Of course I only get that in a hotel because my bathrooms are too small! A girl can dream.

vomiting helps me feel relief from my migraine i even force my self to it just... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • I get nausea and can't throw up, even if I tried to. So now I just say okay well, since I can't puke. I just rest.

  • Yes

  • I never forced myself to vomit ... the pain was so intense that I would vomit because of the intense pain... some relief after...

Hello all so I know everyone has different things that could be causing their... — Head Pressure or Migraine and sinus related along with dizziness

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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz described my exact brain fog! I fell and hit my head about 6 weeks ago and have been suffering from this since along with weird pressure headaches daily. I try to explain to my husband and primary care Dr and they look at me like I'm crazy. Christopher-I have a good chiropractor but not sure what NUCCA is and will look into that. I'm scheduled to see a neurologist in May as well. Thanks so much for your post!

  • I find this when try explain to doctors or nurse or family they look at me like I'm crazy. It's frustrating but very scarey too x

  • I had a similar experience. Doctors thought I was just stressed but I knew that couldn't be the only issue. Definitely look specifically into nucca. I've tried other chiropractors in the past with no real long lasting results.

Hi my name is Susan I suffer from hAving migraines every single day I have... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Thank you

  • Are you on a preventative med? Topamax, pamalor combo are my preventative. Along with magnesium, vit b2, abortives firocet, midrin phenergan, mountain dew, panaway essential oil to the neck and head, along with ice

  • My wife has fought migraines all of her life. She got an ear cartilage piecing and it has help 90%. I seen her go through all of the drugs you have and more. This is the only thing that has ever helped her.

Anyone who themselves suffer from migraines Some of us knows what triggers... — My Migraine Support Forum

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  • Sorry to hear you're going through that. I understand you.. My husband seems to think migraines are psychological & I should be put in rehab

  • I can relate they are definitely one of my triggers too.

  • Lots of selfish people out there who refuse to believe smells like cigarettes, perfumes, scented hand lotions, or air fresheners hurt other people and cause migraines.